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Liam Teague
20 June 1989
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Hi. My name is Liam. I'm 19 going on 20 next summer. I'm a frosh at Columbia College in Chicago. My major is film with my concentration being in editing. I'm an intern at the Broadway Youth Center and do intern promo work with Focus Features. I'll hopefully be doing my grad school years at CU-Boulder and interning with Warren Miller. I'm Christian but I'm also queer. If you want to give me shit about it, go talk to someone else. I'm a pre-op tranny boy who has been on Testosterone for almost three months.

I like love piercings and tattoos. I have four piercings in my right ear and one in my left. All my piercings are stretched. Currently both my lobes are stretched to an 8g.

zombieporno says that I'm "a cutie-boy made of cool and win. So there."
littleredkitten says that I'm the "little brother of a PROUD big sister!"
faggosaurus said "you're gayer than rainbow suspenders."
faggosaurus said "you've got such a will to fight; you give me hope. i love you, little bro."
stumbleine1 said "Liam stole my crack. But I love him anyway."
stumbleine1 said I'm "one of the toughest, smartest people I have ever met. He's the best fag a girl could have."
stumbleine1 said I'm "also a total sweetheart. He has the uncanny ability to make me laugh and smile even when I am sad. He's just awesome."

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